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Michael Vick played Sunday with two broken ribsIt was only the second play of the game when a Cardinal's helmet crashed into two of Michael Vick's(notes) ribs on Sunday. The helmet, as helmets are likely to do, broke Vick's ribs, but the quarterback kept the injury to himself and played the rest of the game.

A courageous act, certainly, but it's also fair to ask if Vick was really doing the Eagles any favors by staying out there. He consistently threw the ball high, and it wouldn't be unfair to assume that the injured ribs were a part of that. The Eagles might've been better off with Vince Young(notes) in the game.

Before we leave the subject of Vick's courage, though, look at this last pass that he threw Sunday. That ball is launched. And he did that with broken ribs, ones that continued to be battered all day long? Vick is superhuman, and that must've hurt like hell.

The Eagles' next game is against the Giants on Sunday night. It's just a wild guess, but considering that he was able to gut it out Sunday, and with the new high-tech, space-age, kevlar-lined, super-duper quarterback vests that are all the rage now, he'll probably just strap one of those bad boys on and give it a go. He might as well paint a target on it for Justin Tuck(notes).

But all of this seems less important this week than it would have last week. At 3-6, the Eagles are closer to Andrew Luck than they are to the playoffs. They're the Redskins with a better PR firm. It might make the most sense to shut Vick down entirely, and save him from potential further injury.

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