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We showed you the abrasive nature of new Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano earlier, and today, we bring you the polar opposite in Redskins head coach Jim Zorn.

My goodness, Jim Zorn is a sweet man. Every sentence -- from "How you doin' today?" to "You need to start putting it on canvas, because that was very creative" -- ends with a gentle touch that seems to say, "Everything's okay, baby. The Zorn is here to make sure you feel pleasure."

Even if I were in the shoes of Maurice Mann, and I just got a tongue-lashing that ended with a vicious, "gee whiz," I'd feel like walking up to coach Zorn, batting my eyelashes and saying, "Aww, coach, you shouldn't have." Any time he talks to you, it feels like he just sent you a dozen roses.

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