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If you've been watching "Hard Knocks" on HBO at all, you know that Chad Ochocinco(notes) is extremely dedicated to his Twitter account. He has previously promised to tweet during games, even after the NFL put the kibosh on the idea.

He's figured out a way around the ban, though. He announced on his UStream last night that he plans to pick a lucky Twitterer to come to each game, home and away, and then work out hang signals with that fan on what he would like that fan to tweet for him. You know, football just like Chuck Bednarik intended.

Say what you want about Chad, he's extremely dedicated. Extremely dedicated, that is, to finding ways to not pay attention to a football game in which he is playing.

Most guys would've probably given up on the dream of in-game tweeting. Not Chad. He's going to great personal expense here. I guess he can afford it, though, as long as he's buying his earrings at Claire's

Gracias, Stephanie Stradley at the FanHouse, via Mashable.

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