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Roger Goodell got a well-deserved Bronx cheer at the NFL draft.

The NFL commissioner was showered with boos each time he stepped to the podium in New York, a clear reaction by fans in attendance to the recent lockout. Goodell was forced to grin and bear it, meekly agreeing with fans' calls for football and wearing the fakest smile this side of Cam Newton(notes):

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If it wasn't happening to Goodell, that would have been painfully awkward. Since it's him, the guy who's trying to reverse-Robin Hood the NFL season, it was a delight, particularly after the commish weirdly interjected the Alabama tornadoes into his opening remarks. Even if the segue toward the tragic natural disasters weren't intended to quell the booing, it appeared to have that slimy effect.

Goodell would hear the sames boos and wear the same pained expression all night. Whenever a draftee came to the podium, the commissioner embraced each rookie with enormous bear hugs that lasted a beat too long, as if he needed some reassurance that somebody in Radio City Music Hall didn't hate him.

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