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If the recent benching and future demotion to third-string quarterback wasn't enough to portend the end for Donovan McNabb(notes) in Washington, the slashing of price for his replica jersey is probably the biggest sign of his impending departure yet. 

Forty dollars? That's only 15 more dollars than an Eagles youth jersey is selling for on (it's the only McNabb Eagles shirt on sale at the Philly online store). Cutting a price like this is the e-commerce equivalent of a clearance rack. It's like when winter coats start going on sale in February to clear out space for the spring clothes. 

You know who I feel bad for in this situation? That kid who is going to unwrap a McNabb jersey on Christmas morning and have to act like it's just what he wanted. You just know some mothers (or fathers) whose knowledge of the Redskins runs only as deep as knowing that McNabb is quarterback will see this sale and think it's a great gift. Cut to six months later when they ask their child why he's not wearing his McNabb jersey. It's the stuff of which familial strife is made.

As Dan Steinberg points out, this means McNabb's jersey is selling for half the price of Malcolm Kelly(notes) (non-productive wide receiver on injured reserve), Kareem Moore(notes) (who is so unpopular in Washington he might as well be in Congress), Joey Galloway(notes) (he's so old, he may have been one of the three wise men) and Adam Carriker(notes) (his sells for 80 dollars, one dollar for every person in town who could pick him out of a lineup). The only other Redskin whose jersey is on sale for bargin basement prices is one who was kicked off the team two weeks ago: Albert Haynesworth(notes).

Hope you're renting, Donovan. 

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