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At least six people were injured at the Super Bowl site when large chunks of ice fell 200 feet off the roof of Cowboys Stadium on Friday. 

According to the Associated Press, one man was struck in the head and another was hit in the shoulder, said Arlington Fire Department spokesman Pete Arevalo. They were in stable condition Friday afternoon. The other four injuries were considered minor. All were contractors working on the stadium.

Local news helicopters captured amazing video of the ice falling from the site of Sunday's Super Bowl. It's unclear whether the shot below is the slide that caused the injuries or whether it was taken after (our guess is the latter). Either way, it gives a good sense of the power of the falling ice:

Authorities said the ice falling off the roof was an unexpected consequence of the winter weather that has paralyzed Dallas this week. They had never before dealt with such a problem.

Food service worker Doug McCracken said he and a friend pulled up to the area just in time to see what looked like snow flurries blowing off the building. Wonder turned to shock when he realized someone had been hit.

"What we saw was hard ice. It shattered, it was everywhere," McCracken said. "We thought maybe it was snow at first but it was ice. Hard ice."

After the incident, stadium officials closed all but one entrance to the stadium and blocked off all potentially dangerous areas. An NFL spokesman says workers and visitors will be safe.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have insisted that the bad weather in Dallas won't affect future Super Bowl bids in cold-weather cities, but with Dallas highways iced over, flights cancelled and the game's site proving to be a hazard to workers and fans, it's hard to see how the league can justify going back to a colder climate after New Jersey hosts the game in 2014.

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