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Broadway Joe wasn't synonymous with the handlebar mustache, and when most people remember him, they probably don't remember the 'stache (unless they happen to be one of the lucky ladies who were tickled by it). But it's a tribute to the glorious nature of the handlebars that that it lands Namath the 8 spot here, despite the fact that he had it for a relatively short time.

I'd call it a handlebar mustache, but admittedly, my mustache terminology vocabulary isn't tremendously deep. A Yahoo! image search for "handlebar mustache" returns images like this one (how was prison, man?) and like this one, but probably more of this style. The other one, the Rollie Fingers-style, I just call the Rollie Fingers mustache. I think Rollie's earned that.

Namath was paid $10,000 by Remington to shave the 'stache in a television commercial, and to reward him for this seems to run contrary to what I said about Dick Butkus the other day. Today, you couldn't get Kelly Holcomb to scratch his belly button, but at the time, Remington giving Namath $10,000 to shave was a pretty big deal in the media.  And this was before he was paid to have his face creamed by Farrah Fawcett.

Photo credit goes to ... I'm not sure who. But I snagged it from Inside the Jets at

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Romeo Crennel
#10: Wes Welker
#9: Walter Payton

The 7th Greatest Mustache in NFL History

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