NFL prospect admits he ‘doesn’t believe in space’ in combine interview

Combine podium interviews are typically pretty basic for prospects. They field media questions about their college experiences, their favorite players, who they’ve met with here in Indy, and sometimes even the weirdest question they’ve been asked. We have a new clubhouse leader for the weirdest answer to a combine podium question.

Texas Tech safety Tyler Owens had the most memorable answer to a question in a long time. Owens declared that he does t believe space, or other planets, actually exist.

“I don’t believe in space,” Owens said straughtfaced. “I don’t think there’s other planets and stuff like that.”

The follow up question asking where his interesting belief came from is difficult to make out but involves “flat earth” conspiracies.

It was not what anyone was expecting to hear. No word on how the odd amswer is being reveived by the NFL teams in attendance.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire