NFL announces 34 compensatory picks, with 49ers the big winners

The NFL has announced 34 compensatory picks added to the 2024 NFL draft, and the 49ers are the team that did the best.

San Francisco got a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick, a fifth-round pick and two sixth-round picks this year, adding the most draft capital of any team in the league.

The 49ers were one of two teams, along with the Rams, that benefited from the NFL rule awarding a third-round compensatory picks to teams that develop a minority candidate who gets hired away as a head coach or G.M. on another team.

The other 32 compensatory picks were awarded by the league's longstanding formula that sends extra draft picks to teams that lost more free agents than they signed, with the free agents who signed the biggest contracts yielding the highest compensatory picks. This year the top compensatory pick, No. 96 overall, goes to the Jaguars after they lost tackle Jawaan Taylor to a four-year, $80 million deal with the Chiefs last year.

Here's the full list of compensatory picks:
Round 3, Pick 96: Jacksonville
Round 3, Pick 97: Philadelphia
Round 3, Pick 98: Los Angeles Rams
Round 3, Pick 99: San Francisco

Round 4, Pick 132: San Francisco
Round 4, Pick 133: Buffalo
Round 4, Pick 134: Baltimore

Round 5, Pick 167: New Orleans
Round 5, Pick 168: Green Bay
Round 5, Pick 169: New Orleans
Round 5, Pick 170: Philadelphia
Round 5, Pick 171: Philadelphia
Round 5, Pick 172: Kansas City
Round 5, Pick 173: Dallas
Round 5, Pick 174: New Orleans
Round 5, Pick 175: San Francisco

Round 6, Pick 208: Cincinnati
Round 6, Pick 209: Los Angeles Rams
Round 6, Pick 210: Philadelphia
Round 6, Pick 211: San Francisco
Round 6, Pick 212: Jacksonville
Round 6, Pick 213: Los Angeles Rams
Round 6, Pick 214: Cincinnati
Round 6, Pick 215: San Francisco
Round 6, Pick 216: Dallas
Round 6, Pick 217: Los Angeles Rams
Round 6, Pick 218: New York Jets
Round 6, Pick 219: Green Bay
Round 6, Pick 220: Tampa Bay

Round 7, Pick 253: Los Angeles Chargers
Round 7, Pick 254: Los Angeles Rams
Round 7, Pick 255: Green Bay
Round 7, Pick 256: New York Jets
Round 7, Pick 257: New York Jets