Tim Tebow's first minor-league baseball card is out, but tough to find

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Tim Tebow’s first official minor-league card is going to be a hot commodity among collectors. (AP)
Tim Tebow’s first official minor-league card is going to be a hot commodity among collectors. (AP)

The first official minor-league baseball card featuring Tim Tebow is going to be about as rare as one of his hits. Topps released its 2017 Pro Debut series on Wednesday, and it features the first-ever card of Tebow in a Columbia Fireflies jersey:

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Getting your hands on one of them might prove to be difficult, though. As the above tweet notes, the Tebow card is “short-printed.” That means there are fewer copies of Tebow cards in the set than the standard player.

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Considering Tebow’s popularity, it’s a smart marketing ploy. Avid collectors and die-hard Tebow fans will probably spend a few extra bucks to pick up more packs in the hopes they can land one of his cards. The odds of getting Tebow’s card is about one in 101 packs, according to Sporting News, so you’ll need luck to be on your side.

If you’re not the type of person who is willing to play a guessing game, you can always go on eBay and buy the card directly. Most listings valued the card around $100, so it’s not going to come cheap. Considering its rarity, that may actually be the better option right now.

If that fails, you can always try and buy one of Tebow’s other baseball cards. Both Panini America and Leaf have put out Tebow cards as well, but those haven’t featured him wearing a Columbia Fireflies uniform. That’s the difference here, and the reason Topps can call this card a “first.” It’s the first card that features Tebow wearing an official minor-league jersey.

Through 36 games with the Fireflies, Tebow has hit .224/.312/.360. He’s shown some impressive power, but has mostly been overmatched. Despite that, the New York Mets are reportedly considering promoting Tebow to a higher minor-league level at some point in the summer.

While that sounds like a positive development for Tebow’s career, we’re not so sure. It might be embarrassing if the price of one of his baseball cards is higher than his batting average.

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