You'll be able to purchase a Tim Tebow baseball card very soon

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Tim Tebow is getting a baseball card. (Getty Images/Christian Petersen)
Tim Tebow is getting a baseball card. (Getty Images/Christian Petersen)

Rejoice and be glad, because Tim Tebow baseball cards are coming just in time for the holidays. Panini America will release its 2016 Elite Extra Edition on Dec. 21, which will feature an autographed card of Tebow with the New York Mets.

Here’s a glance at what that card will look like, courtesy of Blowout Buzz:

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This technically isn’t the first Tebow baseball card to be available to the public. Leaf put out some on-demand cards of Tebow which can be purchased on the company’s page on eBay. That Leaf list was somewhat … gimmicky … as it also included cards featuring Gene Wilder, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and Harambe.

The Elite Extra Edition card will be the first autographed Tebow card to hit the market, and will represent the first time Tebow will be included in an actual pack of baseball cards. We should note that not every Tebow card comes autographed. Those are limited.

Traditionally, statistics are included on the back of baseball cards. If that’s the case here, this card should show that Tebow hit .194/.296/.242 over 62 at-bats with the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League. He drove in 19 runs on 12 hits, including three doubles. Tebow also produced eight walks and 20 strikeouts. He stole one base, but was caught stealing twice.

If you want to try and snag this particular Tebow card, you can purchase a set of five packs on the Panini America website. It will cost you $100, but that comes with 25 cards, including 10 autographed ones. It doesn’t ensure you’ll get Tebow, but it gives you a chance.

Hey, December is the season of giving. So, go on out and preorder those packs to try and get a Tebow card for the baseball fan in your life. We know Tebow would approve, he gave away a ton of outs to opposing pitchers this fall.

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