This is what Bill Murray did to Jon Hamm's St. Louis cap during the World Series

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One of the great lasting effects of the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win? It’s one of those events from which we’ll be hearing great, untold stories for years to come. It attracted so many people and so much attention that we’ll probably never hear about all the fascinating/hilarious/wondrous things that happened during those seven games.

Here’s one of them that’s coming out now, via ESPN The Magazine’s year-end issue, that involves two celebrity fans, Bill Murray and Jon Hamm, and an old St. Louis cap that sure seemed out of place at Wrigley Field.

You may recall that Hamm — the former “Mad Men” star and well-known fan of the Cubs’ most bitter rival, the Cardinals — was in the Wrigley seats wearing a St. Louis cap during all the games in Chicago. Turns out Bill Murray, the comedy icon who is so famous a Cubs fan that he partied in the clubhouse after Game 7, wasn’t giving Hamm a pass for his cap.

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Jon Hamm wore a St. Louis cap to the World Series and Bill Murray reportedly defended his turf. (AP)
Jon Hamm wore a St. Louis cap to the World Series and Bill Murray reportedly defended his turf. (AP)

They were among the celebs who would attend postgame parties in Beth Murphy’s apartment above the famous Wrigleyville bar she owns, Murphy’s Bleachers. And on the night of Game 5, which the Cubs won to stave off elimination and send the series back to Cleveland, Murphy says Hamm’s cap got pulled off his head and thrown into an alley. The culprit? Murray.

Here’s the story, from ESPN’s Justin Heckert:

During the World Series, Beth, a devout but forlorn Cubs fan, had been stressed. When the games came to Wrigley, she took the tables out so there was more standing room, and an amalgam of celebrities filled the apartment above the bar after each game. John and Joan Cusack. Eddie Vedder, taking a selfie with her. Bill Murray, who long ago wore a Murphy’s hat in his still photograph as a player on “Saturday Night Live.” After Game 5, she found Jon Hamm in the alley behind the bar. Hamm had worn a Cardinals cap — he told Beth that it was his father’s — and Murray yanked it off his head and threw it outside. So, she helped Hamm look, saying, “You’ve got to admit, it was a little dickish to wear to the World Series.”

Ha! Scoreboard and locale says Murray owns the right to troll Hamm a bit here. The story, however, gives no indication of whether Murray’s hat toss was good-natured or malicious, which would also be important to know.

The fact remains, you wear a St. Louis cap to the first World Series at Wrigley Field in 71 years, you run the risk of it getting tossed into an alley — or worse.

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