Tests show Reid died of heroin overdose

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The Aug. 5 death of Garrett Reid, son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, resulted from an heroin overdose, officials announced Thursday.
Northampton (Pa.) County coroner Zachary Lysek listed the the cause of death as "acute opiate (heroin) toxicity" and called it "accidental."
Reid, 29, was discovered in a dorm room at the Eagles' training camp at Lehigh University in Easton, Penn., where he was working for the team as a strength and conditioning coach. He had a history of drug problems but appeared to be turning his life around after serving time in prison.
No signs of suicide of foul play were found at the scene. The findings of test results came 10 weeks after Reid's passing.
"We are confident today that Mr. Reid's death was the result of a self-injected lethal dose of heroin," Northamption district attorney John Morganelli said at a news conference. "The autopsy and toxicology is consistent with that conclusion, and it is consistent with the evidence of the syringe and other drug paraphenalia that we determined was consistent with heroin use."
Investigators found 47 syringes and 65 needles in the younger Reid's gym bag, many of them unopened, and 19 vials of an unknown liquid, Morganelli said. He added that those substances were unrelated to Reid's death.
Morganelli said the investigation has turned to where and from whom Garrett Reid got the narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

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