Russell Wilson is training with Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Russell Wilson has some high quality wide receivers to work with on the Seahawks. Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett and Jermaine Kearse are all relatively underrated and highly efficient pass-catchers. However, as much as I love Baldwin and company I would trade any two of them for Antonio Brown.

There are a lot of reasons that Brown is one of my favorites. One of them is that he has plenty in common with Russell Wilson. Both were not highly touted prospects coming out of college and are relatively short for their respective positions.

During his rookie season Brown only caught 16 passes for 167 yards and no touchdowns. At that point, nobody expected much of Pittsburgh’s sixth round pick. Brown kept working at it, though and his numbers have steadily increased almost every single season.

Now he is projected by many analysts to eclipse two thousand total receiving yards in 2016.


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How have Wilson and Brown achieved so much? A lot of reasons, but their work ethic has to be mentioned first. More than anything else, they have risen to the top of the sport by outworking their competition.

Now they’re doing it together.

Yesterday Russell Wilson put in some time training with Antonio Brown and shared a glimpse on his Instagram account:

Russell Wilson and Antonio Brown training together

Loved getting to learn from one of the best today. #AlwaysWorkin @ab

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on Jun 22, 2016 at 8:09pm PDT

That’s not all though.

If you’re so inclined, you can watch an almost-hour-long video on Wilson’s official Facebook account of him and Brown working out together.

Now that the Pro Bowl is going back to AFC and NFC teams we may never get a chance to see these two playing on the same side. We can only dream then of what a beautiful duet they’d make.

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