Podcast: Joe Buck explains why he doesn’t actually hate your team

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The 2016 World Series is right around the corner. While we wait to figure out just who will be playing the Cleveland Indians we know for sure that Joe Buck will be there.

As Fox Sports’ lead broadcaster, Buck is everywhere, especially during MLB and NFL playoffs. He’s the soundtrack to the modern sports experience for many people. So we had to have him on a brand new StewPod to talk about a number of things, starting with why he hates your favorite team.

And, big news here, he doesn’t actually hate them, as much as you think otherwise.

“When I’m in the booth,” Buck told us. “The only thing I’m guilty of rooting for is a good long series and exciting games. San Francisco Giants fans think I hate the team. I would rather be in San Francisco than just about anywhere on Earth. But I have to play it down the middle and they’re used to hearing their guys all summer long scream and yell for the Giants. So I get it. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t make me sad or cry to my mommy at night.”

Joe Buck thinking about all the reasons he hates your team. (Getty Images)
Joe Buck thinking about all the reasons he hates your team. (Getty Images)

Hear that? You gotta try harder if you want to make Joe Buck cry. We also talked to Buck about how he preps for calling big moments like the final out of the World Series and why he bothers with Twitter.

There’s a lot more in the podcast too, so check it out. And if you come away a Buck fan, then be sure to check out his book “Lucky Bastard” and his interview show “Undeniable,” which starts its third season in 2017.

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