Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw was 4 in 1992, so he probably wasn’t ripping open wax packs of baseball cards. But he’s the best pitcher in baseball these days, the ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers and a student of the game, so he was ready to flip through some 1992 baseball cards with us for the new episode of my “Opening 25-Year-Old Baseball Cards” video series.

We caught up with Kershaw last month at the MLB Winter Meetings, where he was attending the partnership announcement between Under Armour and Major League Baseball.

Clayton Kershaw opens 25-year-old packs of Fleer baseball cards. (Yahoo Sports)

If you’re familiar with our series, then you know the drill: We open some cards from 25 years ago. These 1992 Fleer were purchased by my grandma back in the day, and had been in my garage until recently. Now we open packs with baseball people, make some quips, tell some stories and hopefully make a trade at the end. In this case, you can see which pitchers — an ex-Dodger, perhaps? — I can trade to Kershaw in order to get his Jack Morris card.

Buck Showalter
Frank Thomas
Alex Rodriguez
Scott Boras
Bobby Bonilla
Joel McHale
Adam Eaton
Rajai Davis
Brad Ziegler and Tyler Clippard
Ken Kendrick
Jeff Passan

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