Hey, here's Pacers big man Kevin Seraphin laying in 150 feet of snakes

Three years ago, Kevin Seraphin’s love of snakes reached Jake “The Snake” Roberts status. Now, it appears the delightful French power forward/center’s love of snakes has reached whatever level is higher than that — if any level can truly be said to ascend higher than the one occupied by the master of the DDT — as evidenced by his decision to straight up lay in a pit full of gigantic snakes:

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Hide and seek ?? @prehistoricpets #snake

A video posted by Kevin Seraphin (@kslife7) on Sep 2, 2016 at 7:49pm PDT

Thanks to the folks at Prehistoric Pets, we know that Seraphin chose to “live the dream” by laying down in roughly 150 feet of snakes. That is a lot of snakes. Kevin Seraphin stands 6-foot-10; that is, like, almost 22 Kevin Seraphins worth of snakes.

That, to me, seems like too much snakes. To Kevin Seraphin, though, it is just the right amount of snakes.

To be honest, it feels kind of like Kevin might have a bit of a snake problem. It used to be that handling a small milk snake was enough for him to get his kicks. Ever since his pet snake Snakey went missing, though, he’s been seeking out bigger and bigger thrills, which is just the sort of thing that can land you in a pit with 150 feet of snakes if you’re not careful.

Perhaps Seraphin’s new employers at the Indiana Pacers, who just signed the former Washington Wizards and New York Knicks big man to a two-year, $3.6 million contract, can stage some sort of reptile intervention to help Seraphin kick his habit. On one hand, sure, there are 39 kinds of snakes known to naturally occur in Indiana, meaning the Hoosier State’s a vast and wondrous new playground for Kevin to explore. On the other, though, he’s got to stay on the right side of the boss, and one needn’t go further than a cursory Internet search to learn that one of the truest and most bitter enemies of the snake is the large bird.

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