Catching up with 2018 TCU Basketball commit Kendric Davis

Geoff Craig, Staff Writer
Purple Menace

Basketball season just ended and now seemed like a good time to get everybody back in the loop with the recruits TCU Basketball has coming in over the next few years. One of the top players that will ever grace the court in Schollmaier Arena is Kendric Davis out of Houston, TX.

Point guard




Ht: 5'11.0"

Wt: 155.0

Class: 2018






Commitment status:



Davis committed to the Horned Frogs in June of 2016 and hasn't wavered since even though he has seen his stock rapidly rising over the last ten months. Davis is the dynamic point guard for Sam Houston High School in Houston. He is no longer just one of the top players in Houston, or Texas even, he's now one of the best in the nation. Jamie Dixon knew Kendric had talent when he saw him play as a 5-foot-9 sophomore in high school last year. It was then that Dixon offered Davis the opportunity to join a growing program at TCU. You have to have superior talent to be a 5-foot-7 point guard starting on varsity as a freshman. I caught up with Kendric earlier this week to talk about TCU, his recruitment, and his nickname.

You received an offer in June of last year and committed shortly after, what was it about TCU that made you choose them?

"Me and Coach Barker have had a good relationship throughout my basketball journey. I've always trusted him so when he first got the job he reached out. We already had a strong connection so It didn't take long to trust him with my future."

You picked TCU before Jamie Dixon had coached a game for the Horned Frogs. Did you have a feeling that this team was on the rise when you committed?

"I actually knew Jamie Dixon was going to do great things and change the program, look at what he did at Pittsburgh. I just didn't know it would be that quick, as in this season. I thought the year I came but it makes it even better for when I get there. Coach Dixon is a great coach."

Do people recognize TCU basketball now more because of you and the NIT championship?

"People recognize TCU more not just because of the NIT championship but also winning 20 plus games and beating #1 Kansas but the NIT actually woke a lot of people up even more."

What is it about Houston that produces so many good basketball players?

"Houston produce so many good players because of its competitors around here everybody wants to be the best."

You are known as 150 CEO, what does that stand for?

"150 CEO means do everything not 100 percent but 150 percent. Which means go hard all day everyday."

Right now, you are the only TCU commit for 2018, who are you hoping to add to the class before you arrive?

"For 2018 class we striving to get Russell Barlow, Jaedon Ledee, Jacobi Gordon or Gerald Liddell. Hopefully we bring in all those guys, but most important at least two."

What about your game sets you apart from other players?

"What makes my game so unique is I talk trash on the court, on twitter, anywhere and back it up. I push the ball, I'm a pass first point guard and I'm fun to play with. I get everybody involved. I'm a leader. It's easy to play off I can get 15 assists and I don't worry about scoring until clutch time. I also play hard on Offense and Defense and just a great teammate. Also I'm just a dog and a winner."

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for basketball season again after reading this. It's really hard to believe that Kendric is just a junior in high school. He's wise beyond his years with his understanding of the game, and you have to love his confidence. I drop this video in here just so you can stay hyped for when Kendric "CEO 150" Davis steps into Schollmaier Arena in 2018. Go Frogs!

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