New twist to Stefon Diggs trade, as Texans give him chance to be free agent next year

It's possible the Houston Texans signed up for one year of Stefon Diggs. They're hoping it's a great year.

The Texans traded for Diggs from the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday, but we found out on Thursday that there was a curious layer to the deal.

The Texans agreed to eliminate the final three years of Diggs' deal, which would allow him to become a free agent after this season according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The Texans gave a 2025 second-round pick to Buffalo for Diggs, and there's a possibility it's just for a one-year rental.

Stefon Diggs get a raise too

As another part of the deal, the Texans moved up $3.5 million in guaranteed money for Diggs next season to this season, which means he'll get a raise and $22.52 million guaranteed this season according to Schefter.

All those moves should make Diggs happy. He can theoretically get one more shot at a big contract at age 31 if he plays well for the Texans, and he'll make more money this year too.

It's not as easy to figure out from the Texans' side of it.

Stefon Diggs got a raise from the Texans for the 2024 season. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Stefon Diggs got a raise from the Texans for the 2024 season. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Teams rarely give up player control, which the report indicates the Texans voluntarily did in this instance. While it's also not unprecedented to give up a second-round pick for one-year of a really good player, that's rare too. Perhaps the Texans want to see how the relationship goes with Diggs in one year and reevaluate, but there's obvious risk involved. There's also the angle that Diggs will be motivated in a contract year, but that would be an extreme and probably unnecessary move to push a player who likely would have been motivated anyway.

More details will emerge on why the Texans agreed to the surprising contract change, but what we know now is Diggs could be a free agent next year.

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Stefon Diggs
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Diggs' impact on the Texans

In a perfect world, Diggs will play well enough this season that the Texans will have a huge season and Diggs will want to stay anyway.

The Texans' Super Bowl odds had a big shift after they traded for Diggs, and for good reason. He's a four-time Pro Bowler and despite a slump in the second half of last season, he's considered a top receiver. He should pair very well with Nico Collins and Tank Dell in Houston's receiver room.

Whatever happens after this season will be a big topic of conversation. Perhaps the Texans signed up for one year of Diggs, just to see him walk after a second as the Bills cash in that second-round pick. There had to be reason the team cut three years off Diggs' contract. Perhaps this season will be so good it won't really matter.