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Despite his congenial nature and love of smiling, Dwight Howard is not a big fan of referees calling fouls on him. However, he is a big fan of telling people that he doesn't like referees calling fouls on him. Sometimes, that gets him in trouble. Whether it be leading the NBA in technicals or getting fined $35,000 for blogging, Howard is going to tell whoever's close that he didn't commit all those fouls.

But if there's one guy who's heard enough complaints, it's Dwight Howard's boss. Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith sounded off about Dwight Foul-ard to FanHouse's Tim Povtak, and it sounds like he's had it up to here with "Foul On You."

"Guess what? These are the playoffs. He has to understand that. Teams are going to do whatever they have to do to knock him off his game,'' Smith said. "They pulled him, grabbed him and held him. Teams are not going to allow you to run freely in the playoffs. If I'm the opposing team, I'd do the exact same thing Charlotte did. Instead of getting frustrated, he has to learn to adjust." [...]

"Officials are human. They make mistakes, sometimes in your favor, sometimes in the other team's favor. But it all balances out,'' he said. "Just play basketball, and stop worrying about the calls. Are you going to get some bad calls? Sure. Are you going to get some good ones? Sure. Those people running around in stripes are just like me -- the more you yell at them, the worse they get. If you smile a little bit more, and you talk to them, you may get one."

I'm with Otis, even though I'm not quite sure Dwight is capable of smiling any more than he already does. He's a big guy and refs have a hard time calling games for people that huge. Any time Dwight touches another player, that dude goes flying and it looks like a foul. The whistle blows and more often than not, the guy on the floor is getting the call. That's one of the prices you pay for having shoulders the size of human heads.

All that being said, if there is some way we can get Dwight Howard to smile even more, I'm all for it. Happiness is contagious, y'all.

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Ball Don't Lie

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