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Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins(notes) apparently had a few rough nights out -- both with and without Milwaukee Bucks wing Stephen Jackson(notes) last week. It appears as if a basketball camp was canceled, because Perk had a bit too much fun. And it also appears as if a goodly portion of the Beaumont, Texas, police force was needed to keep Perkins from throwing his weight around and imbibing too much. This is putting it mildly.

You can't pass judgment. Actually, you're more than allowed to pass judgment. Do understand that NBA players have nothing to do these days, and while Kevin Durant(notes) might be safe in asking Stephen Jackson about what it's like to play overseas when you're under the age of 25. Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder teammates (say, Perkins?) appear to be asking S-Jax all about the wrong things. Like, allegedly, what it's like to be belligerent in public. And what it's like to ask several people at once if they want to, allegedly, step up.

Allegedly that's where Perk went over the weekend. He called off a basketball camp after feeling "dehydrated" last Friday, hours after … well, let's let the Oklahoman tell it:

Reports surfaced Friday morning of Perkins being involved in an accident Thursday night at a house party at Jackson's mother's Port Arthur home. KBTV-TV reported that Perkins was taken to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas after collapsing at the home. The station reports Port Arthur Police Chief Mark Blanton said someone called the fire department to report Perkins had suffered a seizure and fell on the concrete. Perkins reportedly was treated for minor injuries before being released.

Friday night was an entirely different story:

The arrest was made following an altercation at a nightclub shortly after 2 a.m. According to a spokesperson for the Beaumont police, officers arrived on the scene as people were exiting the establishment "holding their faces and complaining of fights and pepper spray inside the club."


Perkins, according to the report, had to be pushed out of the back door by the crowd as he yelled obscenities and attempted to fight others in the crowd upon his removal.

OK, don't do that -- allegedly -- Kendrick Perkins. Apologies for making light of what was apparently a long weekend gone wrong, but if this is Perkins' low point? Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Apologize 12 times over, to all 144 involved, Perk. Now go make up for that missed appearance at camp.

And stop relying on Stephen Jackson for advice. He's only good for dollar-to-Euro conversion rates these days.

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