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Matt Watson at Detroit Bad Boys poses a fascinating question/scenario/theory regarding whether or not free agent Carlos Boozer(notes) will exercise his $12.7 million player option with the Utah Jazz for next season:

It's no secret that Boozer in the midst of a divorce — court documents were filed in March, and a petition is still on record even though the couple is reportedly attempting to reconcile.

Why does this matter?

Should they officially separate, word on the street is that Boozer's wife is entitled to half of his current contract, but since divorce papers have already been filed, she has no claim on any new contract. I'm hardly a lawyer, but I can add and subtract, so if this is true, it means Boozer would actually take home more money if he signed a one-year, $6.5 million contract than if he stayed put and earned $12.7 million. Or, from Detroit's perspective, thinking Boozer might bite on a multi-year deal with a starting salary of $10 million is suddenly no longer a reach.

Boozer, a two-time All-Star, declared his intention to opt out in December, with little indication until now that things had changed. Could he and his wife, CeCe, kissed and made up? We shall know soon enough.

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Ball Don't Lie

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