NBA Countdown: Which player wore No. 48 best in league history?

Which NBA player wore No. 48 best?
Which NBA player wore No. 48 best?

We are inside of two months until the start of the 2019-20 NBA season, when the league’s many new superstar pairings will finally be unveiled. What better way to pass the time than to count down these final 55 days by arguing over who wore each jersey number best until we reach No. 00.

There are currently 48 days until the season opener on Oct. 22. So, who wore No. 48 best?



Nobody wore No. 48 last season! It seems like a nice number to build your brand. Start saying you play harder than everybody else per 48 minutes. You know who led the NBA in loose balls recovered and contested shots per 48 minutes last season? Donte Grantham, who played a total of two minutes over three games for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Give him the number. Make it his thing. I’d root for him.


Walt Gilmore wore No. 48 in all 58 minutes he played over 27 games for the Portland Trail Blazers in 1970-71. Grantham doesn’t have far to go to catch him.

The Jersey Champion

Nazr Mohammed, who changed uniforms eight different times over 18 NBA seasons, only wore No. 48 for three of them — his entire tenure with the Chicago Bulls, which came in his mid-30s at the end of the Tom Thibodeau era. Mohammed, who won a ring with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005, averaged just 2.3 points in Chicago. That’s all he needed to be The No. 48 Gawd. You can do this, Grantham.

Kudos, Nazr.

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