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  • Vegas oddsmakers: Knicks would be heavily favored against Kentucky

    Ben Rohrbach at The Dagger 2 days ago

    Las Vegas sportsbooks pay oddsmakers handsomely to set accurate point spreads that will split bets evenly on both sides, because without them there are no Las Vegas sportsbooks. Super Bowl XLIX was essentially a pick 'em game that came down to the final play. They try to be wiser than the wisest of guys.

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    And so when the Westgate Las Vegas Race and Sports Book tells ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" that the New York Knicks would be heavy favorites over the Kentucky Wildcats, we should listen, and put an end to this silly debate over a 37-0 college basketball team's chances in the NBA — even against the Knicks.

    NERD NOTES: If the Knicks & Kentucky played on a neutral floor with college rules, NYK would be a 13.5 point favorite. (via @Westgate_LV)

    Heck, even Calipari conceded his team wouldn't stand a chance in the NBA when Georgetown College coach Chris Briggs raised this half-cocked hypothetical upon losing to Kentucky by 70 in November.

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  • Tyler Ulis says disrespected Kentucky was out to crush West Virginia's spirit

    Ben Rohrbach at The Dagger 2 days ago

    If it seemed like Kentucky was out to destroy West Virginia's confidence, it's because they were.

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    Addressing West Virginia freshman guard Daxter Miles Jr.'s pregame guarantee that NCAA basketball's lone remaining unbeaten was "gonna be 36-1" after Thursday's Sweet 16 showdown, Kentucky freshman guard Tyler Ulis admitted in the aftermath of a 78-39 that his Wildcats were out for blood.

    "They should have kept their mouth shut and it might not have been like that," Ulis told Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones. “Our whole plan was to crush their spirit — beat 'em by 50 for disrespecting us."

    36 and won

    Lot of talkn lot of tweetin till

  • Monta Ellis doesn't think Rajon Rondo is the problem with the Mavericks

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Despite an impressive victory against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, no team’s win percentage has fallen so sharply in the second half of the season as the Dallas Mavericks', who transformed from a team that won two-thirds of its games to a .500 club soon after the New Year.

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    Rajon Rondo has become the easy scapegoat, since the change came a few weeks after Dallas acquired him in exchange for their previous starting point guard (Jameer Nelson) and a pair of role players (Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder) who were key contributors to the team’s 20-8 start.

    Rondo’s public feud with Mavs coach Rick Carlisle only added fuel to that fire, but at least one member of the team isn’t buying what the public is selling — namely Monta Ellis, to

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  • Troy Murphy makes dean's list at Columbia, misses NBA socks

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    As Troy Murphy explains it in a wonderful profile on the erstwhile NBA player by New York Times scribe Andrew Keh, there isn't much he misses about a game he once played at the highest level for 12 seasons.

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    “I miss the socks. The socks were unbelievable. There’s something about NBA socks.”

    “My life has always been planned out,” Murphy said, smiling. “You got a schedule in August, and you knew on St. Patrick’s Day you’d be playing in Cleveland, or you’d have an off day. It’s exciting not knowing. Not knowing is intriguing.”

    Very cool, and not just because Murphy circled St. Patrick's Day as soon as the NBA schedule dropped.

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  • Nothing says love quite like Tony Allen singing 'Whoomp! (There It Is)'

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    Joi Pescatelli & Duane Stewart get engaged at Tony Allen Karaoke Night

    It is, I assume, every Memphis couple's dream to be serenaded by The Grindfather at their engagement.

    For Duane Stewart and Joi Pescatelli, that fantasy became reality on Tuesday night, when the former proposed to the latter at Grizzlies defender extraordinaire Tony Allen's charity karaoke event to benefit JIFF, Inc. — a local non-profit organization that provides intervention services for troubled youths.

    While one karaoke competitor submitted the worst rendition of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" you'll ever hear, Allen made up for it with the only song everybody can universally agree captures what it feels like to be a young couple in love — Tag Team's 1993 classic "Whoomp! (There It Is)."

    So, congrats Duane and Joi. We can only hope Zach Randolph is available to officiate the wedding.

  • Kevin Love isn't 'best friends' with LeBron James, so let's all freak out

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 6 days ago

    At this point, the relationship between LeBron James and Kevin Love has been scrutinized more than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage, but alas the two Cleveland Cavaliers teammates keep fanning flames, and the media firestorm rages on.

    While promoting chocolate milk, as if chocolate milk needed promoting, Love appeared on two national radio shows and made comments about James on each that could be perceived as veiled references to a strained coexistence. Admittedly, it’s speculation, but neither Love nor LeBron have done all that much to quell concerns in Cleveland.

    First, we’ll start with Love’s appearance on “Mike & Mike,” during which he was asked about the relationship in the context of LeBron’s Instagram post featuring six other members of the Cavaliers — none of whom were Love — and the caption, “Clique Up!!”

    Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart of something special! Just my thoughts

    Regardless, teammates on championship-contending teams are not required to be best friends. I’m pretty sure Shaquille O’Neal said as much about Kobe Bryant in a rap once. But there are those who contend winning titles is easier when everyone gets along.


  • Roger Goodell on Chris Borland's retirement: 'You have to respect his decision'

    Ben Rohrbach at Shutdown Corner 6 days ago

    As the retirement of 24-year-old San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland over concussion fears signaled a step toward players making long-term health a priority over short-term football fame, raising concerns about the sport's future, the NFL remains steadfast "the game has never been safer or better." 

    In a wide-ranging interview with Peter King for The MMQB, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell echoed the statement issued by his senior vice president of health and safety policy, Jeff Miller, who in the aftermath of Borland's announcement last week declared, "By any measure, football has never been safer."

    The MMQB: You had a surprising event last week with a 24-year-old linebacker for the 49ers, Chris Borland, retiring. What was your initial impression when you heard it?

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  • Andrew Bogut doesn't think the NBA is 'a healthy environment' to raise children

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 9 days ago

    We've come to know Andrew Bogut as an Australian everyman — the son of an auto mechanic who orders barstools on and enjoys nothing more than cracking an ice-cold beer in a hot tub.

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    So, when the Warriors center says he'd rather not raise children around "the NBA lifestyle" of fast cars, fast women and fast spending — a stereotype he holds to be true — it comes as no surprise Bogut means it. Take this, from CBS Sports writer James Hebert's in-depth interview with the 7-footer, as Exhibit A.

    "I want to have kids, I have a niece. My worry is raising kids in the NBA, in that lifestyle," he said.

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  • Giants co-owner John Mara calls NFL's 2015 free-agent class 'mediocre'

    Ben Rohrbach at Shutdown Corner 9 days ago

    While the 2015 NFL free-agent class was once considered a deep one — before franchise tags, re-signings and hefty contracts took most top players off the market — New York Giants co-owner John Mara has a different take.

    Speaking at length with members of the New York media, including the Post's Paul Schwartz, during a charity function, Mara defended his team's lack of a big splash by dubbing this year's class "mediocre."

    “There were obviously some star players out there, but for the most part I thought it was a mediocre free-agent class,’’ Giants co-owner John Mara told reporters Thursday at the PAL’s William J. Duncan Center in Manhattan.


    “And I think a lot of guys got paid more money than maybe they would have in other years because there was a lot of cap room out there. I think the guys who we got will help us, but we still have a long way to go.”

  • Timberwolves sign Sean Kilpatrick because he was within a three-hour drive

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 10 days ago

    NBA teams are always scouring Developmental League rosters, looking for that next Jeremy Lin, and often times it's about finding the right player at the right time. Or, in Sean Kilpatrick's case, in the right place.

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    After the league granted the Timberwolves an extra roster spot due to excessive injuries, Minnesota signed Kilpatrick to a 10-day contract before Thursday's battle for inferiority with the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, if only because the former University of Cincinnati standout was in nearby Delaware.

    Flip says signing Kilpatrick came down to proximity, he was playing w/ Delaware 87ers, got word this afternoon & started 3-hour drive.

    And it's not as though Thursday's game has playoff implications. In fact, quite the opposite. Kilpatrick might be just the player the Timberwolves need to secure the No. 1 overall draft pick this June.

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