How much Oregon is set to make from EA College Football 25

One of the biggest stories that comes with the revival of EA Sports’s College Football franchise is NIL compensation for each player in the game. During the game’s development, players were given the choice of whether or not to license their personalities into the game, and almost all players opted in for the upcoming release of the game. But players aren’t the only ones set to profit from the resurrected franchise.

On Friday, Matt Liberman of cllct broke down how each school is being compensated for the rights to program trademarks, using information he complied from Freedom of Information Act requests. Each FBS school was separated into four tiers based on how many seasons a given school finished in the AP Top 25 in the last 10 seasons.

The Oregon Ducks were ranked in Tier 1, having finished in the AP Top 25 in six of the last 10 seasons. The Tier 1 revenue compensation — which Liberman said is based on “minimum guaranteed royalties” — is $99,875.16. For reference, the Tier 4 schools (programs that didn’t finish in the Top 25 in any of the last 10 seasons) have revenue compensation of 9,987.52.

Oregon was one of 13 teams ranked in first tier and the only Pac-12 school included. Of the Ducks’ new Big Ten rivals, Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, and Penn State were the four schools to crack Tier 1.

EA College Football is set to debut later this summer, and for the first time in 11 years, we’ll get a chance to play take control of the Oregon Ducks in a video game. And this time around, players will be sharing in the profits.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire