More than 40,000 show up for St. Louis Battlehawks home opener

Yep, the UFL should have had its opening game in St. Louis.

The Battlehawks' home opener happened in Week 2. And St. Louis set an attendance record for post-Rams football, with 40,317 to watch their game against the Arlington Renegades.

Whether it's because folks in St. Louis love their local teams or want to give a lingering middle finger to Stan Kroenke or some of both, people are going to see the Battlehawks play.

The prior record was set on March 12, 2023, with 38,310.

St. Louis is doing far better than Memphis, where only 8,791 showed up for Saturday's home opener against the San Antonio Brahmas.

If the UFL is going to thrive, it needs more cities to take to their teams the way St. Louis has taken to the Battlehawks. Maybe the UFL should target other cities the NFL has left, like San Diego and Oakland and perhaps in time Kansas City.