Monahan: Despite past 'debate,' he's still right man for job

Monahan: Despite past 'debate,' he's still right man for job

Jay Monahan says he’s moved on from the rocky rollout of last summer’s framework deal between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

“I could have handled that better, and I've taken full responsibility and accountability for that,” Monahan said. “That's on me, but … we've made so much progress since that point in time, and I have learned from it. I’ve been humbled by it.”

But did it nearly cost him his job?

Monahan was asked Tuesday during his pre-Players press conference if any board members, including player directors, had called for his resignation in the past year. Monahan didn’t say yes or no, but he did indicate this:

“There's been a lot of good-spirited debate amongst our board. I don't think that would be a surprise to anybody, you know, given the events of last summer. But we are a unified front.”

Monahan also stressed that, personally, he still is the right man for the commissioner’s job — and his new role as CEO of PGA Tour Enterprises — moving forward. He wasn’t willing to guess if he had the support of all his membership.

“That’s a question that you'll have to ask for players,” Monahan said. “I can't generalize as it relates to players, but clearly given the responsibility I've been given by both boards, I have the support of our board, and I am the right person to lead us forward. I know that. I believe that in my heart, and I'm determined to do exactly that.”