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Hot foot! Justin Verlander gets Don Kelly in Detroit dugout

As big right-handers with a penchant for strikeouts and Midwestern employers, Justin Verlander(notes) and Bert Blyleven already had plenty in common before Sunday.

But on the day that Blyleven was inducted in Cooperstown, Verlander added another similarity: A love for the "hot foot," the greatest dugout prank of all time.

Watch as Verlander sets Don Kelly's(notes) right cleat aflame during a 5-2 victory over the Minnesota Twins at Target Field:

It's unclear if Verlander unleashed his inner pyro as a tribute to Blyleven or because he's amped about the return of "Beavis and Butthead." But it's not too hard to create a link to the Twins broadcaster because his hot-foot skills were legendary through his career with the Twins, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels.

As Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon reminisced (via the St. Pete Times):

"He was by far … the best at lighting somebody's shoelaces on fire. Above and beyond all the necessary requirements regarding pitching performance, that also should be included as Hall of Fame ability. He'd crawl under benches amid the muck and the gum and the spit just to get this done."

Setting a hot foot is undoubtedly an art and though we don't recommend this for you young Stewies at home, it's always fun to see trained professionals — at least I trust they know what they're doing— pulling it off for our enjoyment. Blyleven owes Verlander a big circle the next time they're both in the same ballpark together.

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