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It's one thing to lope and then have Evan Longoria(notes) dress you down in the dugout.

It's quite another to have Dick Vitale treat you like you just dressed down Duke. 

As a Tampa Bay Rays superfan, Dickie V. felt the need to weigh in on his favorite baseball team's strife via Twitter — and his take didn't cast B.J. Upton(notes) in a favorable light. 

From @DickieV:

"As a baseball fan would u trade BJ Upton? He has loads of potenial but in 3 plus years his numbers r horrible! Has speed n D but very moody"

OK, so Vitale's take on the Rays matters as much as all the other Twitter talk in the long run.

But as Cork over on Rays Index notes, Vitale rarely breaks from his ever-optimistic form. That even he no longer publicly views Upton as a diaper dandy says a lot about the route of Upton's disappointing career so far.

Then again, Vitale also took advantage of Twitter's medium to say that he doesn't think Stephen Strasburg(notes) should be in the All-Star game. Perhaps he's activated the hype filter for all of his Tweets that pertain to baseball?  

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