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Fed up with seven losses in 10 games and the onset of the team's second collapse from playoff contention in as many years, the Brewers went into super panic button mode and fired Ned Yost today.

(And, yes, this time it's for real.)

While some might question the timing of this move — there are just two weeks left in the regular season — I think it's more than justified.

Sure, the Brewers still occupy the top spot in the NL wild card standings,  but they now share it with Philadelphia, the team that just swept them in four games over the weekend. Now they're set to travel to Wrigley Field for a three-game midweek set and they can't afford a similar winless performance.

Since drastic times call for drastic measures and since most Brewers fans have woken up each morning this season hoping to see this news, what really was there to lose? Yost didn't have the answers last season and it's unlikely he would have found the reverse button the rest of the way during this one.

Firing Yost at this point was done for the same reason a robber fires his gun upon entering the bank — even though it's crude and rash and may ultimately backfire, it's a quick and effective way to get everyone's attention. 

Time will tell if it works for the Crew. Dale Sveum is the Brewers new interim manager. 

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