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Breaker, breaker: Yanks use walkie-talkies after phones go down

"I take my hat off for one thing and one thing only."

Just when you thought the season would end without Burt Reynolds landing on the Stew, the New York Yankees turned Sunday's game into a scene from "Smokey and the Bandit."

Pitching coach Larry Rothschild as Bandit! Bullpen coach Mike Harkey as sidekick Cledus! Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow(notes) — who used eight strong innings to barbecue the Yanks' rears in molasses during a 3-0 win — as Sheriff Buford T. Justice!

Breaker, breaker: Yanks use walkie-talkies after phones go down(Please, just go with me on this one. Or at least just be glad I'm not casting "Boogie Nights" from both rosters this morning.)

So why were the Yankees forced to employ walkie-talkies during their final game north of the border this season? Well, it turns out that the phone lines at Rogers Centre weren't working in the Yankees dugout. (And why wouldn't they be broken? The stadium and team is only owned by a telecommunications giant.)

But rather than let manager Joe Girardi break out the flares and smoke signals, someone got resourceful and commandeered a walkie-talkie set from the lady mountie (A-Rod's hug buddy?) near the dugout.

Watch the action below, which begins with YES Network gumshoe Michael Kay assuming there's a crime in progress near the Yankees bullpen:

So what the Yanks were dealing with was not a complete lack of respect for the law, like Kay first thought, but a need for late-inning relief after Freddy Garcia(notes) started the game.

Roger that.

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