MLB and MLBPA meet to discuss the idea of an international draft

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MLB and MLBPA meet to discuss international draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The MLB and MLBPA met to discuss the last item on their lockout agenda today -- the international draft.

Back when the lockout discussions were happening in March, the two sides agreed to leave this matter undecided and set July 25 as the deadline to makes ends meet on the issue.

The MLB suggests having an international draft for all countries not subjugated to be drafted under the MLB's draft that includes the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

This would have had effect on prospects like Chicago White Sox outfielder Oscar Colas, who is from Cuba, or, Chicago Cubs prospect Kevin Alcantara from the Dominican Republic.

Therefore, the MLB suggests an international draft. Reason being, plenty of times in other countries like Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc., kids make handshake agreements with MLB teams before they turn 16 and are then forbidden to speak/be scouted by other teams.

This gives MLB clubs too much power. A lot of times the clubs that initially made a deal with them will hold out for less money or drop the players' deals all together.

To avoid this, international players take on trainers that are owed a percentage of their initial contract to help them improve athletically so this doesn't happen to them. However, often times, trainers prescribe PEDs to young kids to help them lower the odds of not receiving an MLB contract.

To avoid this issue, the MLB suggests having an international draft.

On the other hand, players like David Ortiz and Francisco Lindor have spoken out about the dangers of implementing an international draft.

Lindor suggests that a draft would "divide players" from the MLB's official draft and disincentivize trainers of helping young athletes make the pros.

Knowing all this, the original proposal made by the MLB on an international draft laid out this structure.

The MLBPA is clearly focused on getting international prospects money for their venture to the MLB. According to Bob Nightengale, the MLBPA's proposal excludes Puerto Rico and Japan from the draft.

As aforementioned, the decision must come by July 25. However, it's important to notate the MLB season will not be canceled or postponed due to the decision, according to a report from ESPN's Jeff Passan.

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