MLB managers trash talk over spot in 'MVP Baseball 2005' lineup

A baseball manager “Battle Royale” nearly broke at the winter meetings in Las Vegas, and it all stemmed from the inclusion in a classic baseball video game.

In October, Reddit user checkitmyles discovered that in “MVP Baseball 2005,” video gamers could now make an entire lineup of players who are current MLB managers. That prompted Yahoo Sports’ Mike Oz to check in with some of the managers included to see how they felt about their spot in the lineup.

Needless to say, much trash talk followed as the dugout generals of today jockey for position.

(Yahoo Sports/checkitmyles on reddit)
(Yahoo Sports/checkitmyles on reddit)

Which managers had the biggest beef?

Some might surprise you. Others not so much. But the best part might be that the trash talk wasn’t just directed at other managers. Some managers, like Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox, took aim at their own shortcomings.

Well, actually, the best part is Don Mattingly’s trash-talking cameo at the very end of the video.

In the end, the one thing they could agree on is this team wouldn’t be ticketed for the postseason. What it had in terms of grittiness and leadership, it more than made up for with a lack of offensive firepower and, perhaps more importantly, clubhouse chemistry.

That’s a nightmare combination for any manager, past or present.

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