Missed free throw goes terribly wrong before going perfectly right

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The most insane free throw/buzzer beater ever happened in a Brazilian basketball game. (Twitter)
The most insane free throw/buzzer beater ever happened in a Brazilian basketball game. (Twitter)

You know this feeling. You’re watching a March Madness game, and your team is down three with almost no time on the clock. One of the players is fouled and goes to the line to shoot free throws, but even if he makes both, the team is still down by one and doesn’t have possession of the ball. Your heart sinks. Your face falls. You scream at the TV about the cruelty of life and basketball. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

That situation is an inescapable pickle… or it was until now. Brazilian professional basketball player Paulinho Boracini of Basquete Cearense showed everyone how they can get out of that situation and win the game at the buzzer. Basquete Cearense was down three when Boracini was fouled, and he made his first free throw before the video picks up below. So they’re down two with one free throw left, and holy crap check out what he does. 

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Boracini intentionally missed the free throw so the ball would clank off the rim and fall to the side, which no one else was expecting. So he was the only one there to pick up the ball, and he drained a game-winning three pointer. How anyone in that audience is still in their seats is a mystery, because every single fan should be storming the court in celebration of that absolutely incredible play.

Would you like to see it from a different angle? Or perhaps two? You’re in luck.

Here’s the video set to sweeping music, to really highlight the majestic craziness.

Every team in the Sweet 16 should watch that right now and commit it to memory, because that’s how you get out of that particular jam. It involves a ton of luck, but it can be done.

Paulinho Boracini should pat himself on the back. He found a way to beat the Matrix. He’s the Neo of basketball.

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