Mets calling up top pitching prospect Christian Scott, will make MLB debut on Saturday

Christian Scott, perhaps the most highly anticipated Mets pitching prospect since Matt Harvey, is getting the call.

After the Mets' thrilling 7-6 win over the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, Carlos Mendoza confirmed that Scott will start on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays, and that the Mets are moving to a six-man rotation, at least for this time through the order.

Mendoza would not commit to the six-man rotation in the long run, saying the team will reassess after this time through the rotation.

"We feel like he’s ready," Mendoza said. "He’s ready, he deserves it, he’s earned it. The way he’s throwing the ball, we’ve been talking about giving guys opportunities, and here we are, because of not only with the schedule, but he’s ready and he earned it.

"We feel comfortable giving him the ball and bringing him up to the big leagues and help us win ballgames here."

Scott, SNY’s No. 6 overall prospect and the organization’s top-ranked pitcher, has quickly risen through the Mets’ system since being selected in the fifth round of the 2021 draft.

A reliever at the University of Florida, the Mets decided to stretch Scott out as a starter, and it paid off in a huge way. After posting a 2.47 ERA in 12 starts with Double-A Binghamton in 2023, Scott followed that up this season by pitching to a 3.20 ERA with 36 strikeouts in 25.1 innings with Triple-A Syracuse.

Scott told SNY's Danny Abriano in mid-April that he felt he was ready for big league action.

“I feel ready," Scott said. "I’m not focused on that, per se. I would say just going out there whenever I get the ball. Whatever level it’s at, I’m just gonna go out there and try to win as many games as I can. I think the Mets have done an unbelievable job being up front with me, and just kind of knowing what to expect."

The 24-year-old features a fastball in the 97-98 MPH range, as well as a slider, splitter, and nasty sweeper that he recently added to his arsenal.

The question with Scott, in terms of making his MLB debut, was always a matter of if, not when.

“Scotty is doing exactly what he needs to do,” Mets pitching coach Jeremy Hefner said in an interview at the end of April. “David [Stearns] mentioned it in his presser, but major league need versus prospect development and their trajectory in terms of where they’re at in their career arc needs to align sometimes.

“So that’s where we’re at with him and I think the challenge for Scotty right now is just to continue to be consistent out there. He’s a major league pitcher, his time will come, it’s just a matter of when.”