Ludacris Co-Signs Jack Harlow, Says He Did “Glamorous” Sample “Justice”

Ludacris has praised Jack Harlow’s use of “Glamorous” for his track “First Class.” During an interview with GQ, Luda was asked to break down some of his career’s biggest hits. While talking about Fergie’s “Glamorous,” the Atlanta emcee began to detail how the song came about.

“Not only how can I get out of my comfort zone and continue to do things that sometimes people wouldn’t expect me to do, but it’s [about] still trying to come with different subject matter and working with an artist that people haven’t seen me with.”

“I look for all these different things. How much do I believe in the record, the tempo of the record, the time of the record…I just remember getting on there and just going with the flow. Understanding what the subject was. Understanding the assignment [and] completing the assignment.”

Luda then went into the song’s impact with the cameraman asking whether he was okay with Harlow repurposing the song for a hit of his own.

“How can I not be okay with it?” the multihyphenate began. “I’m doing shows, and there’s a whole new generation that is identifying with the record, even they haven’t heard my verse, just because Jack Harlow is doing it over. I feel like he did it justice. It’d be different if it was trash, [but] it’s not trash. Jack Harlow did it extreme justice, and I like the record…If you don’t accept what’s new, you’ll become your own worst enemy. You don’t have to necessarily like it, but you gotta embrace it.”

Fergie’s “Glamorous” was released as a single in January 2007, debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 later that month. The track peaked at No.1 on the coveted list, remaining for two weeks. “Glamorous” featured Luda, with Polow da Don and handling production.

Polow would interpolate Raheem the Dream’s “If you Ain’t Got No Money,” for the single’s refrain. Harlow would follow suit and interpolate Fergie’s lyrics for his 2022 hit, “First Class.” The track would succeed, earning Jack his first solo No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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