Letters to Sports: Respect for Rams, and a few requests from readers

DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 14: Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Puka Nacua (17) celebrates.

The Rams have nothing to be ashamed of for losing to Detroit in the playoffs. I have been so happy watching them this season despite all odds against them. Thanks guys for giving it your all and entertaining us devoted fans. We'll get them next year.

Rodger Hargear

Los Angeles


Well, as Gary Klein writes, both quarterbacks played well in this wild-card game, and both teams left their best efforts on the field. As far as revenge for Jared Goff, I don’t think that was the idea here: it’s more the idea that Goff is a very good quarterback, who went East and proved himself to be a great competitor for a different team.

Chet Chebegia

San Marcos


The Rams offense played well enough in the wild-card game, but it’s too bad the defense didn’t put forth the same effort.

Tom Stapleton



I have to say this was a successful season considering the projections before the season. But when it comes to 2024, Rams GM Les Snead and coach Sean McVay need to ignore their impulse to try to help the offense and first focus on defense in the draft. I know McVay is blinded by offensive improvements, but even he has to see it’s the defense that needs the major upgrade. And please get a reliable kicker.

Danny Balber Jr.



Somehow in the midst of a complimentary article about all about the team and Matthew Stafford, Bill Plaschke manages to make a comparison to all-about-me LeBron James, who gets more than enough press. No need to force it.

Bert Bergen

La Cañada


When the Rams are on the clock during the next NFL draft, I'm betting they burn at least one timeout.

Paul Feinsinger

Agoura Hills

In-your-dreams team

Michael Jordan declared for the NBA draft after his junior year and wasn't even the No. 1 pick. Who in the world would draft Bronny James with his deplorable stats? Because of a twofer deal with his father? It's a pipe dream.

Mike Schaller

Temple City


If LeBron James really wants to play basketball with his son Bronny then maybe he should retire from the NBA and enroll at USC. He'd have at least four years of eligibility and, who knows, he might be good enough to get a scholarship.

Rhys Thomas

Valley Glen

Great read

Sam Farmer's column on former Detroit Lions lineman Mike Utley was wonderful. Mr. Farmer always finds the right people to interview to make his columns more meaningful, and his story angles for NFL games and events such as the Rams-Lions playoff game are terrific!

Bill Francis


Back to the future

Started listening to pro football on the radio.

Then watched it on black and white television.

Then watched in color.

Was able to finally go to live games at reasonable cost.

Eventually priced out of going to games in person.

Could still watch games at home on big-screen TV.

Now more pro games are only available via streaming.

Back to listening on the radio.

John Chavez

Simi Valley

America's letdown

Sam Farmer wrote that the Cowboys have been 12-5 each of the last three seasons. By getting crushed by the Packers, the Cowboys have become the NFL version of the Dodgers — great regular-season record followed by a postseason bust.

Vaughn Hardenberg


Stirring the pot

While the Dodgers may have the “secret sauce” needed for improving pitcher performance, said recipe is yearly undone by a manager who leaves the pot on simmer for too long a time. If the goal is to go deeper into the postseason, Dave Roberts needs to turn up the heat.

Bill Waxman

Simi Valley

L.A. raiders

USC hired D’Anton Lynn from UCLA to be its defensive coordinator and Eric Henderson from the Rams to be its co-defensive coordinator. Were they trying to save relocation costs with those two hires?

Gerry Swider

Sherman Oaks

Say what?

So Steve Ballmer says he wants his new arena to be “the penultimate basketball experience on the planet.” Hmm, the second to last? Steve, get a dictionary.

David Dapper

Los Angeles


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