LeBron James rips Rob Manfred over Astros cheating investigation: ‘I would be f---ing irate!’

With spring training underway, baseball players are having their say on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal.

They’re not pleased.

Aaron Judge and Mike Trout both agree: The Astros cheated. Justin Turner says the World Series trophy has been devalued. Nick Markakis believes Astros players are due for “a beating.

But baseball players aren’t the only ones weighing in. NBA star LeBron James has some time on his hands in the midst of the NBA All-Star break.

Shockingly, he also thinks cheating in sports is bad. He said as much in a pair of tweets on Tuesday.

‘I would be f---ing irate!’

The Astros’ sign-stealing scandal has resonated beyond even that of the steroid era that tainted an entire generation of baseball players.

Where the impact of players using performance enhancers was obtuse — especially when considering that tainted players were facing other tainted players — the advantage the Astros gained by knowing what pitches were coming is distinct.

Players, fans and casual observers alike can all understand that it’s considerably easier to hit a baseball if you know what’s coming — even if you still have to hit it.

With the integrity of the game very much at stake, Manfred did little to appease calls for harsh punishment. Astros players weren’t penalized. The 2017 World Series trophy still resides in Houston.

For a lot of people, that just isn’t good enough. LeBron James included.

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