LaVar Ball on what he has in common with LeBron James: 'Family, business and winning'

LaVar Ball says he and LeBron James aren’t as dissimilar as people think.
LaVar Ball says he and LeBron James aren’t as dissimilar as people think.

After the news broke that LeBron James will sign will the Los Angeles Lakers, fans and critics everywhere immediately began to speculate about his future personal interactions with LaVar Ball, who son Lonzo is slated to share the court with LeBron.

The vast majority of the speculation predicts clashes of personality that might just end up in a Lonzo trade. LaVar, however, disagrees. He believes that he and LeBron are more similar than people want to admit, and are trying to put an artificial “wedge” between them.

LaVar, Lonzo, and middle-son LiAngelo made a radio appearance on V-103 in Atlanta Tuesday, and LaVar broke down why he’ll get along fine with LeBron:

“The media, all y’all try to say, ‘Ah LaVar — LeBron’s gonna tell LaVar to shut up and this and that.’ They try to create this (wedge) between us where it’s nothing there. And, I see why. Because LeBron is very successful. I’m successful. They don’t want us together. So, it’s better to make one black man go after another one. As opposed to hey, what if me and LeBron get a long? We’re gonna get along. You know why? Because we have three things in common, which is family, business and winning. We got those three things — we can’t lose. They’re trying to not make this work.”

So there you have it: LaVar and LeBron are just two successful guys who care about their family, their business, and winning. Do with that what you will.

You can watch the full in-studio appearance below:

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