Lamar Jackson says he doesn’t know how Eric DeCosta feels about ‘Every Dollar Counts’ nickname

The Baltimore Ravens are an extremely close-knit franchise from top to bottom. The players have a good relationship with coaches, executives, and more, while it seems like most people in the building get along with everybody.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson has had some fun with general manager Eric DeCosta, nicknaming him “Every Dollar Counts”. When Jackson was asked about how DeCosta felt about the nickname, the quarterback said he didn’t know.

“…’EDC’ [executive vice president & general manager Eric DeCosta], I don’t know how he feels about the name. I haven’t asked him. I hope he’s not mad at it, because that’s a good name, I feel. (laughter) ‘Every Dollar Counts’ – that’s hard.”

The nickname goes to show what kind of relationship the quarterback and the general manager have with each other. Jackson seems to love everything about the Baltimore organization, which can be a rare thing for many players. DeCosta in turn seems to love everything about Jackson, from his on-field play to who he is as a person.

DeCosta might be asked about the nickname in a future press conference or interview, but for now, how he feels about his new title remains a mystery.