Lamar Jackson records 15th career double-triple with 202 yards passing, 101 yards rushing

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is continuing to show that he can do things with both his arm and his legs that no one else in NFL history has done.

Jackson passed for 202 yards and ran for 101 yards in today's loss to the Colts. That made today Jackson's 15th career double-triple.

A double-triple is PFT's stat recognizing a player who has triple-digit yardage in two different statistical categories. No one else has done it as many times as Jackson, who has 13 regular-season double-triples as well as two in the playoffs.

Michael Vick has the second-most double-triples in NFL history, with eight. And Vick played in 149 games in his career to record those eight double-triples. Jackson’s 15th double-triple came in his 76th career game.

Other than Jackson and Vick, no one in NFL history has more than four double-triples.

Jackson is just 26 years old, but he's already combined running and passing like no other player the sport of football has ever seen.