Jose Canseco wants to be 'little buddy' Donald Trump's chief of staff

This guy looks like an ideal fit for Donald Trump’s White House. (Getty)
This guy looks like an ideal fit for Donald Trump’s White House. (Getty)

President Donald Trump is having a difficult time finding his next chief of staff.

John Kelly is stepping down by the end of the year. Nick Ayers — Trump’s top choice to replace him — didn’t want the job, choosing instead to leave the administration from his role as Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff.

And now the White House is scrambling to fill a critical position that nobody seems to want despite the power and prestige that comes with it.

Who wants to be chief of staff?

With some of Trump’s previous top aides facing lengthy prison time and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into allegations of campaign finance violations and collusion with Russia coming to a head, it’s understandable that candidates aren’t jumping at the chance.

No job is worth going down with possibly the most tumultuous executive administration in U.S. history.

Jose Canseco, that’s who

Unless, of course, you’re ex-major leaguer and professional steroid abuse-outer Jose Canseco. If you’re Jose Canseco, that sounds like the exact kind job you’d want.

And Canseco does. He said so himself on Twitter Wednesday.

Is it really that absurd?

While offering up his services to “little buddy” Trump, Canseco promised the president a workout plan in addition to a White House plan. It’s quite generous.

While Canseco’s offer is absurd, 2018 has taught us not to rule anything out.

And on second thought, Canseco seems a pretty good fit for this White House.

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