Jonathan Kuminga looking to take All-Star leap this summer

Jonathan Kuminga’s emergence as a genuine starting-level talent for the Golden State Warriors was a bright spot of the season. The third-year forward was impressed with his athleticism, rim pressure and defensive upside. He started 46 of his 74 games for Steve Kerr’s team.

Golden State’s offense had a different element when Kuminga was on the floor. He gave them a more direct outlet when looking to pressure the rim and force defensive collapses. His athleticism is another wrinkle that will make the Warriors’ offense more unpredictable in the coming years.

With his increased role and his undoubted skillset, Kuminga is hoping to take a developmental leap this summer and contend for an All-Star selection.

“It’s all going to depend on how I take this summer,” Kuminga said. “It’s all going o come down to how I go through this summer. Anything is possible. I feel like I could do it going into next year.”

Kuminga, 21, was selected with the seventh pick in the 2021 draft. Since entering the NBA, he has been projected as a future All-Star. This season was the first real glimpse of his overall upside, as he looked capable of forcing himself into the All-Star conversation.

Kuminga will likely get increased opportunity within Golden State’s rotation next season. He’s proven that he’s capable of impacting winning at the NBA level, and Golden State will likely be making some changes to their roster. As such, if Kuminga can improve during the summer, he will be taking a big step toward All-Star consideration.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire