Jonathan Gannon: Kyler Murray's best football is ahead of him, full spring will help him get there

At this time last year, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was rehabbing a torn ACL while head coach Jonathan Gannon and offensive coordinator Drew Petzing were preparing to install a new scheme during offseason workouts.

Murray wasn't able to be an on-field participant in that process because of his injury, but he was able to get back in action for the final eight games of the regular season. Murray emerged from those snaps without any health issues, so he's set for full participation this spring and Gannon said from the league meetings this week that he believes that will help the quarterback reach even greater heights as a player.

"Being in the spring and going through spring, it's really going to help his development within our system," Gannon said, via the team's website. "I mean, we changed his stance and he took to it. He understands the why behind it, and he likes it now. He's going to bank all those reps in the spring. That's why I say his best football is ahead of them, which is, is interesting to say, because he's playing at such a high level. But I really think that he's going to keep doing that."

The Cardinals are widely expected to target a receiver early in the draft and the hope in Arizona is that added firepower and a full offseason set Murray up for as much success as possible in his sixth pro season.