Jerry Jones doesn't rule out hiring Bill Belichick, eventually

If Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes people work better when they're under pressure, he has applied a little more of it to his lame-duck head coach.

Less than two weeks after Jones issued a statement indicating that Mike McCarthy will return for a fifth season after an embarrassing first-round exit from the playoffs, Jones spoke openly about the prospect of eventually employing Bill Belichick.

“I know him personally and I like him,” Jones said of Belichick on Tuesday, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports. “There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None. None.”

As previously noted, Belichick has repeatedly praised Jerry and Stephen Jones for the organization they've built and the talent they amassed. And Belichick continues to be available to anyone who wishes to hire him.

Jones knows that hiring Belichick wouldn't guarantee a Super Bowl win. But Jones also knows he could do a lot worse than the coach who has won six of them.

“We all know that he’s certainly excellent, maybe at the top of his profession,” Jones said. “To say that any one person automatically assures you a Super Bowl is ridiculous. That’s too high [an] expectation for him. But is he maybe the greatest pro football coach of all time? Could very well be.

“He is a friend and I like him and I want to make real clear: I wouldn’t have any problem working with him.”

Some would say that it's all talk. That Jerry would never surrender the limelight, the attention, and the credit to someone as accomplished as Belichick. Still, Jerry had a chance to throw water on the possibility on Tuesday.

Instead, he stirred the pot.