Jermaine Johnson not resting on 2023: Success is leased, not owned

Jets defensive end Jermaine Johnson II was a first-round pick in 2022, but his rookie season didn't go as expected. He made no starts, played 312 defensive snaps in 14 games and totaled 2.5 sacks.

His second season went better than expected with 748 defensive snaps in 17 starts, 55 tackles, 7.5 sacks,16 quarterback hits and a Pro Bowl berth.

Johnson, though, said he has proved nothing.

"All the success in the world is leased and rented. It’s never owned," Johnson told "So yeah, you can enjoy the little accolades or success you have, but if you don't grind and bust your butt and go to work again and again and again, you're going to lose it. It's going to get repo-ed, so to say. So just understanding, OK, cool, I had a decent year, not to my standard for myself, so I know I've just got to go back to work and work even harder and just keep a level head. Keep the highs not too high, the lows not too low, and keep having confidence in myself and showing up for my teammates."

The Jets lost Bryce Huff, whose 10 sacks led the team last season, but traded for Haason Reddick. The former Eagles edge rusher had 11 sacks and 23 quarterback hits last season.

Javon Kinlaw is another veteran newcomer to the Jets' defensive line.

"When we've got a player, an electric and legendary, in my opinion, player like Haason, you can't help but get better," Johnson said. "I'm excited to get out there, work with him, learn from him. I know he's got so many nuggets of information and knowledge he can share with me, and kind of just show me things that I don't know. He's so level and so humble, and I'm just excited to have a guy like that on the other side from me."