Jaylen Brown elaborates on interview comments behind furor over future with Boston Celtics

When an NBA player gets asked about their future with a franchise, any answer they give can backfire. If they say they’ll stay but things change with their current team, they’ll be pilloried by fans. If they decide to be honest if they’ve made up their mind that they will leave, those same fans will make them miserable for their remaining time with the ball club. likely eliminating the possibility of a change of heart.

And if they simply say they don’t know yet, analysts and fans alike will try to decode their every word to see if perhaps they have made a statement about their future with a team.

This last scenario has been star Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown’s reality since an earnest answer to Logan Murdock in a recent Ringer interview went live, with the press clamoring for additional context as a result

After Boston’s win over the Indiana Pacers on Friday, the Georgia native acquiesced to such requests in a limited fashion, hinting a bit more that his words which alarmed some in the Celtics fanbase were taken out of context.

“I’m the type of person that likes to let people know how I’m feeling about certain things and situations,” suggested Brown via The Athletic’s Jared Weiss.

“Sometimes when I don’t speak, people speak for you. Sometimes things can get taken out of context and lost in translation when those things happen. But I pick and choose my spots.”

“Sometimes it (doesn’t) matter what you’re going to say” explained the Celtics star.

“People are gonna take it from the perspective they want to take it from. That’s the world we live in. People feed off of controversy and controversy sells. So if I have an opportunity to make something sound more appealing than it actually is, usually nine times out of 10 they’re gonna take it.”

“That’s the life that we live,” explained Brown.

“I clarify myself when I need to and then sometimes you just sweep stuff under the rug and keep going,” he added, perhaps hinting that this was more one of the latter moments.

And given all the uproar over his honesty in that interview, how could you blame him with the 2023 NBA Playoffs just around the corner?

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire