Jared Wiley on preparation, adjusting to Chiefs’ playbook at rookie minicamp

The selection of TCU’s Jared Wiley was more insurance for the Kansas City Chiefs at tight end. A solid player throughout his college career, Wiley brings another dynamic to the offense with his ability to adapt to any situation.

The start of rookie minicamp on Saturday allowed Chiefs players to address the media for the first time when workouts concluded. Wiley described his adjustment to the NFL system and early work with the coaching staff.

“I got to talk to some of the coaches a little bit yesterday about it,” Wiley explained. “As far as my study habits and stuff go, [I] just draw whatever the play is. Normally, teams will give you drawings or whatever, and you draw those on a sheet of paper.

“Then if I can, I try to get a script or whatever for practice, and then I go in and write whatever I have on it; stuff like walkthroughs and everything like that, that helps a ton too.”

Wiley played in multiple offensive systems throughout his collegiate career, having attended two schools. He transitioned from Texas to TCU and has adjusted quickly to new playbooks, which he believes will be to his advantage during rookie minicamp.

“I had to learn five different offenses while I was in college, so this is my sixth one in six years,” said Wiley. “It’s part of my normal routine now, I guess, so I don’t think I’ll have much trouble with it.”

Travis Kelce signed a contract extension shortly after the NFL Draft, firmly securing his role in the franchise for the next few years so Wiley can learn under one of the greatest ever to play the position.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire