J.J. McCarthy declined Wayne Gretzky’s call during intro press conference

J.J. McCarthy quickly became the man of the hour as the most polarizing draft-eligible player heard his name called with the 10th overall pick of the 2024 NFL draft.

The new NFL signal caller was being introduced to the Minnesota Vikings media on Thursday night and suddenly, he had a call come in — from a hockey legend, perhaps the most legendary in NHL history. And yet, McCarthy hit that ignore button, focused on the task at hand.

Wayne Gretzky probably doesn’t get his calls ignored very often.

But that’s what happened Thursday night when the hockey Hall of Famer dialed J.J. McCarthy during his virtual press conference with Twin Cities media members.

“Oh wow, Wayne Gretzky is calling me,” McCarthy noted almost nonchalantly, reaching forward to decline (momentarily) the incoming call and continue using his phone for the video conference. “Sorry about that.”

He added with a laugh: “Hockey guy, and I’m going to the State of Hockey.”

McCarthy actually has a preexisting relationship with Gretzky, who he shared a FaceTime call with after Michigan football won the national championship on January 8.

Naturally, it’s just another facet of McCarthy’s personality that’s already ingratiating him with those who cover and follow his new team in the Vikings.

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire