Indya Moore on why starting a gift-giving project for trans youth felt personal: ‘Santa didn’t see my chimney’

Actor and transgender activist Indya Moore's TranSanta initiative gifting holiday presents to transgender youth. She says that many of the letters that she received reminds her of things she also wanted for Christmas while she was in foster care as a teen.

Moore says there's nothing more important than trans youth knowing that they are loved. "If that's possible that there can be a pandemic for a lack of love for a people, that's happening right now for trans people". Moore shares that sadly many of the families of trans youth end up being their first bullies, which she says "has grave psychological effects on a child".

"Trans youth have supportive families experience a 52% decrease in recent suicidal thoughts," she says. "41% of trans people have attempted suicide at some point in our lives. I am one of those kids who did attempt suicide." Moore goes on to share that she attempted suicide while in foster care, using the chord from an air conditioner, but the chord broke. "That's why I survived is because the chord snapped, not because I got love when I needed it".

Through TranSanta, Moore is making sure that trans youth feel the love and are connecting them anonymously with people who do want to show them love. "This is something that has helped even me to believe in a future for all trans people to live safely and free from harm and violence."